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What Is A Dumpy Level?

If you’re an engineering student you surely have come across the so-called dumpy level tool, but if you aren’t still aware of what exactly a dumpy level is, it is mainly used in the engineering sector for leveling. Used primarily in the surveying and building industries is an visual device used to create or verify points in the similar horizontal plane. This is a necessary tool that should always be with a builder. After all, right clean alignments and leveling lead to strong structures. It is also known as builder’s level or automatic level. Rises of poles apart points and distances between the points of the same rise can be determined by the dumpy level.

How Does It Operate?

A dumpy level operates on the principle of discovering an optical level distance between two or more points and can rotate only in a horizontal plane. You surely must have seen, at least once while passing by how people carrying stand by tools on the side of the road keep plotting point along the way, yes that is a dumpy level used for surveying land. It is created by William Gravatt in 1832.

With modern technology dumpy level is given more meaning and detailing that even automatic dumpy level is introduced for easier use.

Here are some uses of a dumpy level for you to know;

The Dumpy Level Is Easy To Use

Yes, it doesn’t matter if you are a new student in the engineering field or just want to learn how this particular tool works; learning the concepts of handling is easier than you think. The device is fixed to the tripod stand using clamp bolts and must be centered. Focusing is done by adjusting eyepiece and focusing screw and due to the rigidity, it retains its two adjustments for a long time.

Level Readings Are Very Accurate

It is capable of giving accurate, clear readings at leveling ensuring that double check-up would become highly reliable. On the other hand, it’s more lenient adjustable focus eliminates the parallax error that could affect the reading rate.

Optical Power Is High

The dumpy level has a component called a focusing screw which i is used to adjusting the focus if crosshairs and the image clarity. The magnification of the eyepiece is bring about by this focusing screw. The fixed of the campus helps determine the directions and level align with the ground magnetic field.

Experience the best of this with dumpy levels. Talk about your specific needs and you will be guided to the best model for your job. Save your time with a hassle-free service like no other with highly recognized manufactured materials.


Dumpy level instruments are cheaper when compares, yet it is possible to provide you with a higher, accurate performance despite the type of leveling you are handling to determine relative height and distance among different locations of surveying land.

An automatic level makes the job easier for you to do. So get your hands on one of these today.


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