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Tips for Starting a DIY Stonemasonry Project

Stonemasonry can be a challenging but rewarding field to engage in as a DIY project. Doing stonemasonry work requires skills and a whole lot of practise. You may have to prepare significantly and work a bit harder with stonemasonry DIY projects, compared to simpler ones like home improvement. If you have a stonemasonry project in the mind for the future, here are several tips to keep in mind:

Prepare Well in Advance

Whatever project you plan to engage in, you need to do your research well in advance. For the stonemasonry project, do read online tutorials and guidelines carefully before taking on the project. You may have to watch videos and engage in online forums. If possible, get advice from actual, real life experts as well. Books can be more reliable source of information than online blogs. The point is, you would have to prepare well to handle the challenges of the project.

Break Down the Project into Smaller Parts

Stonemasonry jobs can be time and labour intensive. Therefore, it’s best to break down a larger project into smaller categories. Not only would this help you prepare better, it would make it easier for your to progress through the various stages. If you make a mistake, as it can happen, it would be easier to reverse a step and do a course correction.

Buy the Equipment You Need

If you need any bricklaying tools, plastering items, or any other equipment, make sure you buy these early on. Don’t try to substitute whatever you have in the garage. Some tasks require very keen and accurate performance only equipment designed for stonemasonry work can deliver. You can either choose to buy or rent the equipment you need. Alternatively, you can borrow from someone you know. In any case, you need to secure all the tools you need before you start the project.

Check Regulation Compliance

If you are building something or are making changes to your home, there could be regulatory hurdles to overcome. Before you make any major changes to your home or a similar structure, check with your local council regarding the whether you need permission to do so. If you build something without obtaining permission, the local council could legally demolish it. Therefore, always check compliance requirements before undertaking any serious building work.

Take the Measurements

Stonemasons have an elaborate system of taking precise measurements called “setting out.” You need to set out before starting any project. This typically means using a measuring tape, drawing lines, and overall understanding the dimensions you are working with. Obviously, taking proper measurements is crucial to ensuring the structural integrity of what you are doing. Set aside a separate time for setting things out as it may take some time to do so. As they say, “cut once, but measure twice.”

Obtain the Right Materials

Never go for the second choice for materials if you can really help it. Waiting is better than rushing to buy second-rate material. The structural integrity of your project would largely depend on the material you use. Therefore, make sure you purchase the best-quality materials from local sellers.

With the above tips, you can easily start a stonemasonry project. Remember, preparation is key.


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