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Common Electrical Problems All Homeowners Should Know About

Electrical problems at home can be rare, that’s why most homeowners don’t think about these. However, when electrical problems do occur, they can be dangerous and hazardous. Therefore, be aware of the following common wiring and fixture issues that could be in your home:

Broken Light Switches

This is a problem some home owners are quite familiar with. Broken light switches don’t work at all, regardless of how many times you change a bulb. These may spark, be discoloured, or be warm to the touch. Broken light switches must be fixed without delay because they may cause fires.


Electrical surging usually happens during lightning strikes. Smart homeowners use surge protection devices to prevent these, especially when you live in a thunderstorm prone area. However, electrical surges could also occur due to faulty wiring. So if your appliances or an outlet goes off due to a surge during perfectly normal weather, immediately call in local electricians Kenthurst to have it fixed. The professionals may need to redo the wiring or at least replace old wiring. If unaddressed, surging problems could permanently damage electrical equipment at home like computers. It could also pose a fire hazard.


Overloading happened when you use equipment or appliances that uses higher wattage than what the outlet allows. You can know if something overloads by signs like sparks or melted sockets. Overloading is dangerous. It could damage electrical equipment. Severe overloading could result in fires in the wires. To prevent overloading, it’s best to know the wattage in all the outlets at home. If you suspect an overload, do call in a professional repairperson to have it looked at.

Power Dipping

Also known as sags, this occurs when an outlet has to draw in more electricity than usual to power up something that’s plugged in. Power sag is not caused by voltage issues, but rather by faulty material. This problem is common in older circuitry system or wiring that’s done badly. Sagging can occur because of low-quality material used in wiring. You may need to have the entire home rewired if this occurs.

Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently

When you plug in the vacuum cleaner, does the circuit breaker trip? Does the fuse go off occasionally in the house? These problems indicate serious wiring problems in the house. Fuse box issues could be caused by several problems, such as bad wiring or corroded wires. It’s important to have it checked out by a professional without delay.

Flickering Lights

Do bulbs in the house sometimes suddenly flicker? Do bulbs tend to dim when it’s windy or if the cable moves for any reason? This indicates serious wiring issues in the light fixtures. Flickering lights pose a fire risk, therefore you must call in emergency repairs if you notice a bulb dimming unusually.

Electric Shocks

When you touch a wall outlet or a fixture, do you feel an electric shock, however mild? That is a sure sign of faulty wiring that need to be fixed right away. If you live in an older home, make sure there are no aluminium wires used in the circuitry. Alloy corrodes easily and poses a fire risk, and therefore is no longer used in wiring. But some older homes may still retain aluminium wires that should be replaced right away. Power issues such as above not only pose a fire risk, it could also drive up the utility bills. Therefore, don’t wait to get the issues fixed.


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