Perth Solar Power

Perth Solar is here to help you fight rising power prices while enabling you to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

The government has put in place a target of 20% renewable energy by 2020.
To make this a reality incentives have been put in place to encourage the uptake of renewables.
Technology has evolved to a point where clean energy and financial return are on the same page.

Perth Solar Power is clean and best of all has no moving parts requiring your attention.
Gone are the days of having to invest in expensive batteries, now you can simply use the grid. Make your own
power by day and draw from the grid at night.

We only deal in quality components, adding to this is the fact all of our
electricians are Clean Energy Council accredited. This means when you
take action and go solar you can rest assured your investment in a Photo
Voltaic (PV) solar plant will deliver high yields for years to come.
So come on board and join the Perth Solar power movement before it's too late!!!


Perth Solar Power

Bledisloe Energy Level 28, AMP Tower 140 St Georges Terrace Perth WA 6000 Phone:(08) 9483 6810

Bledisloe Energy delivers high quality renewable projects though out Perth and WA. Because quality inverters and panels are key ingredients in any solar PV plant we use German components. Our inverter of choice is the sunny boy from SMA AG. We have partnered with Schott Solar AG and SolarWorld AG to bring you a world class panel. Together with our experienced electrical team these manufactures enable us to deliver a reliable, safe and high yielding solution. Bledisloe Energy 2010 ©